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We will increase the value of your company

We will prepare managers and shareholders for negotiations with investors, conduct a preliminary audit, identify the strong and weak sides of your business. We will increase the possibility of an investment deal.

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Preparation for negotiations

Conducting a preliminary audit to identify the strong and weak sides of your business.

Identification of investor circle

Identifying those who will be ready maximally expensively evaluate the strong sides of your business and not pay attention to the weak sides of it.

Key factors

We will know in advance what exactly will be the determining factor in the transaction for each particular investor.

Structuration of the deal

We will balance the risks and profitability for both the company and the investor.


Preparation of the company for the Due-Diligence from the investor’s side. Coordination of Due-Diligence on the side of the company.

Negotiations and coordination

Coordination of legal deal. Negotiation with decision-making individuals on the investor’s side.

Our deals

We are confident that our effectiveness is ensured by a deep understanding of the markets in which our clients operate. Therefore, we consider our experience to be our core competence.

Designer clothing online store

Business: Revenue of 60 million rubles a year, negative profit, more than 3,000 orders per month.

Deal: 75% cash-out sale to a Russian strategist.

Branch: Internet

Type of deal: Sales

Deal details

Grocey store chain, working locally in one of the subjects of the Russian Federation

Business: More than 100 million rubles revenue per year, Ebidta more than 40 million rubles per year.

Deal: Sale of 100% of shares in one of the federal grocery networks.

Branch: Retail

Type of deal: Sales

Deal details

Saas service for managing tasks

Business: 150 million rubles revenue, Ebitda 25 million rubles, more than 4000 paying clients per month.

Deal: Cash-out sale of a minority share.

Branch: Internet

Type of deal: Sales

Deal details

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