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We will quickly determine which companies are suitable under your criteria and, through a network of associates, will find their owners The necessary share in the company, and agree with them on terms that the required corporate governance, will suit both you and them.

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Criteria formulation

Determining the parameters of companies, which can indeed be of interest to buy or create a joint venture

Determination of the deal structure

The necessary share in the company, the required corporate governance, options for management, the financing structure from the investor’s side.

Negotiations with shareholders

The determination of the individuals making the decision on the transaction, and negotiation with them, thanks to an extensive network of contacts.

Structured deals

Agreeing on the agreement on the intent and balancing of risks for both the investor and the company.


Formation of requirements for Due-Diligence on the part of the investor and coordination of Due-Diligence.

Carrying out the deal

The implementation of the of the agreement on the intentions in legally binding documents, coordination of the registration of legal entities in the frame of a deal, issue of shares, etc.

Our deals

We are confident that our effectiveness is ensured by a deep understanding of the markets in which our clients operate. Therefore, we consider our experience to be our core competence.

Sporting goods online shop

Business: 900 million rubles revenue per year, Ebitda 140 million rubles per year.

Deal: 600 million rubles cash-in for expanding assortment.

Branch: Internet, Retail

Type of deal: Investment

Deal details

Major loyalty program

Business: Turnover within the system more than 30 billion rubles a year, 100 million transactions per year.

Deal: 100% Management Buy-Out of the company's shares.

Branch: Retail

Type of deal: Investment

Deal details

Shoppers personalization service for online stores

Business: More than 1,300 connected online stores and over 40 million ad unit impressions per month.

Deal: 30 million rubles cash-in for growth in Russia, improvement of the product and testing of access to foreign markets.

Branch: Internet

Type of deal: Investment

Deal details

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