Transport company in the segment of main cargo transportation

In connection with the introduction of the Plato system, many small carriers were forced to switch to a correct payment of taxes, which reduced their profitability, and as a result, many of them left the market. This formed a significant excess of demand for the offer on the long-haul transport market and created a good opportunity for the rapid growth of large players in the presence of financing. Rapid expansion required significant capital costs making it impossible to use credit financing. Therefore, a mezzanine scheme was selected, in which low loan rates were offset by shares in a company that was transferred to shareholders of the bank.

Business: 1.5 billion rubles revenue per year, Ebitda - 200 million rubles a year, more than 300 heavy-duty 20-ton vehicles in their ownership.

Deal: 1 billion rubles cash-in for doubling the park.

Deal Industry: Transportation

Deal Type: Investment