Customer feedback management service

For a foreign company. the entry to the Russian market usually involves significant difficulties associated with the specificity of advertising channels operating in Russia, as compared to the global ones, and the need to find people who can effectively manage them. In the event that the company’s business is not based on complicated technological processes, the most effective way to enter the market will be the purchase of a Russian analogue which already has a well-known client base in Russia, a well-developed team and the understanding of the Russian market segment. If, in addition to this, the transaction does not take place in the form of cash-out, but only as a cash-in with an option for management to sell its share in the Russian company as an international strategist for the implementation of agreed KPIs, then for a foreign company the transaction becomes most effective due to the fact that investments that would have been spent on business development from scratch will now be trusted by a motivated Russian team with experience in the required market segment.

Business: 200 million dollars revenue per year, more than 10 thousand global clients.

Deal: Search and purchase of a Russian company for a quick entry into the Russian market.

Deal Industry: Internet

Deal Type: Search for purchase